Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size are your artworks?

A: For simplicity, each image is offered in one of two large sizes - either 1200x800mm or 900x600mm, but other sizes may be available on request.

Q: Are your artworks paintings or photographs?

A: It depends on the artist. Initially they will all be digital photographic prints but in the future we may add other artists to the gallery who offer different media. The type of artwork is shown on the details page for each image.

Q: What does 'limited edition' mean?

A: A limited edition of 10, for example, means that there will only ever be 10 copies made of that image (regardless of size or format). So the smaller the edition size, the more uncommon your picture will be. Smaller edition sizes usually attract higher prices. All our artworks are supplied with a certificate confirming the edition number together with other details.

Q: What presentation formats do you offer?

A: Our standard offering consists of an image printed directly onto an aluminium composite panel, framed in a 50mm deep wooden box frame (available in white, black or brown). This modern style maximises the impact of the image and has several other advantages: more robust for transport (no glass), no reflections from traditional glass, vibrant colours, attractive satin sheen finish. We suggest a frame colour that we think suits the image and it is mentioned in the product details, but if you prefer a different colour, just ask. We can also offer other presentation styles - email us with your request.

Q: What shape are your artworks?

A: Most of our artworks are rectangular (in the proportion of 3:2) and most are intended to be used in landscape mode (i.e. horizontally) although there are a few that are in portrait mode (i.e. vertical). As these are abstract images, the orientation is subjective, so you can rotate or flip as you prefer. It is possible to have some of the images in a square format (just ask), although this doesn't work for all images.

Q: Do you have every artwork in stock?

A: No - our artworks are usually printed and framed to order. Very occasionally we might have an item in stock.

Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: At the moment we only ship within the UK as the pictures are large and would be difficult to package securely for international transport. However, don't hesitate to ask about international shipment and we can evaluate the options on a case by case basis.